The American College of Corporate Directors West Coast Board of Advisors are members who provide advice and direction to the organization. Consisting of very experienced, talented, well known and successful public company directors, this group is the “sounding board” for the many director education initiatives available to members.

Advisory Board members include:

Aj Bert Moyer

A.J. "Bert" Moyer

President, Moyer & Associates 
Leonard Rabinowitz

Leonard Rabinowitz

Chairman & CEO, StudioCL 
Nola Masterson

Nola Elizabeth Masterson

Director, Zivo Biosciences 
Gregory Quinlan

Gregory R. Quinlan

President, Ansett Aircraft Spares & Services 
N Scott Gillis

N. Scott Gillis

J Steven Roush

J. Steve Roush

David C Hurley

David C. Hurley

Vice Chairman, PrivatAir 
Thomas Steipp

Thomas W. Steipp

CEO, Symmetricon 
Elizabeth Fetter

Elizabeth A. Fetter

Robert Deuster

Robert G. Deuster