Here is just some of the things people are saying about the American College of Corporate Directors.

  The American College of Corporate Directors is a great organization. It provides focus, substance and leadership pertaining to corporate governance in today's world. All sessions and seminars are well organized and have very accomplished people providing instruction and overseeing discussion. Clearly, this is a must for any sitting director. And, it also provides all members a venue for expanding their network and identifying new board opportunities.  

Bruce Stevens
CEO, Berkshire Blanket

  The American College of Corporate Directors provides unparalleled access to unique educational and networking experiences designed to support businesses, their communities, and personal leadership. It provides world-class networking to connect with peers who share your passion and who share their knowledge and their experiences. The education resources provide the best-in-class seminar and on-line continuous education that is vitally needed in our fast-paced, rapidly changing corporate governance world.  

Carl M. Youngman
Professional Director and CEO Mentor

  The American College of Corporate Directors has provided invaluable education and networking opportunities for me as a board member. The distinguished and engaged membership, coupled with regular training and social events, provides a great forum for debating and refining the critical issues facing board members of publicly traded companies today.  

Bernard Bailey
Chairman and CEO, Authentix Corporation

  What a great organization, meaningful programs, and relevant education and training. If there were such a thing as the "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" for public company director certification, the American College of Corporate Directors would be it! Great job!  

Joe Martin
Chairman, Brooks Automation

  Director education is more important today than ever. And it needs to be continuous and on- going. That is why the American College of Corporate Directors is far and away the best resource and program available. Even one week programs at top educational institutions pale in comparison because director issues and approaches are not static but dynamic. And the American College of Corporate Directors Professional Director Certifications are credentials known and respected throughout the country.  

Raymond Kubacki
CEO, Psychemedics Corp

  I was nominated and joined the American College of Corporate Directors in September, 2006 and have since earned a Masters Professional Director Certification. My experience as a member continues to be marvelous for the ‘College has excelled in bringing directors and CEO’s together; its purpose to meet, network, socialize and learn. I am an Australian expatriate living in Los Angeles and joining the ‘College has enabled me to assimilate with assuredness and more quickly into the business community. As an example, the two day executive training forums are wonderful for coming together and covering topical subjects, superbly presented by professionals at the pinnacle of their fields. The next forum is in Phoenix, Arizona. This would be a great opportunity for directors and CEO’s of the western states to experience and see for themselves.  

Gregory Quinlan
Director and CEO, Ansett Aircraft Spares & Services, Inc.

  The American College of Corporate Directors, in just a few short years, has surged to the top of the list of best organizations for executives who are serious about corporate board service. The educational opportunities as well as personal access to many talented corporate board directors is outstanding. I highly recommend becoming a member and participating in the ACCD's various events.  

Mike Jeans
Board Member, Amica Insurance Companies

  In this fast moving world of corporate governance, you have found a formula that works for everyone involved. Timely topics available in a variety of ways gives everyone a chance to keep up-to-date and be better board members.  

Christie Whitman
Governor, New Jersey

  The American College is simply a terrific way for Directors to stay on top of their game, amongst a serious peer group. Every Forum is a completely new burst of learning.  

Mike Lorelli
Executive Chairman, Rita’s Franchise Company

  I have been a member of the American College of Corporate Directors since the early days and have found it to be exceptionally valuable for Board Governance education. All the sessions are led by experts and are useful not only in imparting helpful and up to date information but also can be thought provoking in nature. In particular, I find the Forums (2 days off site) helpful both as an educational tool but also a great way to meet and get to know other corporate directors. This is truly an outstanding organization.  

Ellen Richstone
Current Public Company Board Director, Former CEO and CFO

  I am truly pleased to have earned my Executive Masters designation and have been enriched by the educational programs and enlightened by the peer relationships I have forged through participation in the American College of Corporate Directors. You have turned a very good idea into a great opportunity to advance the knowledge and skills of serious corporate directors. Thank You for your personal dedication to ACCD.  

Richard B. DeWolfe
Chairman, Manulife Financial

  The recent ACCD 2016 Ponte Vedra Forum Leader, Stanford & Duke University Business /Law Schools Professor Vivek Wadhwa’s focus on “Directors Preparation for Advancing Technologies, Convergence and the New Competitive Realities” was awe-inspiring and very thought provoking. As a long term member of the American College of Corporate Directors and a Director with a significant interest in seeing major corporations and their boards embrace relevant technologies to remain effective and competitive, this was another vivid example of the merits of ACCD membership.  

David Meachin
Chairman and CEO, Cross Border Enterprises, and a Major Public Company Board Member for 15 years

  You always have the best speakers, and the Forum leaders, all Professors at prestigious business schools, really challenge the group. I never come away from a American College of Corporate Directors event without learning something important. I notice some other organizations advertise a "credential", but from my view, the Professional Director Certification is the only one nationally recognized. I'm proud to display it in my bio. Keep up the good work.  

W. Dabaghi
Managing Member, Maxima International

  My very first meeting with the American College of Corporate Directors was in 2004 when about a dozen public company directors accepted Clint Allen's invitation to gather in Dedham, MA, for a session on current and future issues affecting us, our companies, and the shareholders we serve. My most recent ACCD meeting was in March 2015 in Ponte Vedra, FL, where I joined over 150 fellow directors for two full days of exceptional continuing education on the latest pertinent topics. The presentations were delivered by the leading educators and top professionals in their field. The challenging breakout sessions always hone my strategy skills and often surprise me during the critique period with the actual case studies. Several board colleagues and friends have asked me how I stay current, and without hesitation my response is always ACCD online telecast sessions and annual forums.  

David Hurley
Chairman Emeritus Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum | Director, Aviation Partners Boeing, Inc. | Vice Chairman, Hawthorne Global Aviation Inc.