Books written by American College of Corporate Directors members

Acroos The Board

Across the Board: The Modern Architecture Behind an Effective Board of Directors

By: Mark A Pfister

We all understand the importance in the individual factors of our Board existence... good governance oversight, challenging and endorsing strategy, CEO selection, and the like. Now, in "Across The Board: The Modern Architecture Behind an Effective Board of Directors," Mark A. Pfister decodes the underlying architecture and ties the foundational elements into a futuristic equation that can be effectively applied to create, or reinvigorate, tomorrow’s Boards.

The Goverance Revolution

"The Governance Revolution: What Every Board Member Needs to Know, Now!"

By: Deborah Bailey

This book was just released by DeGruyter. It tells the story of corporate governance - origins and evolution and aims to prepare readers for the emerging Governance Revolution, important to everyone.

The tension between companies, shareholders and lawmakers as to who controls corporate wealth and future direction is growing. These brewing battles demand that directors and executives, investors and lenders, lawyers and accountants, legislators and regulators, and even customers and vendors develop a firm understanding of the role of the board in sustaining the life of the corporation. As evidenced by the many failures ascribed to failed governance, many boards,  board members and advisors simply do not understand their responsibilities.

Navigating The Digital Age

Navigating the Digital Age, Second Edition,

By : Jim Trainor

The ultimate guide on how the latest #cybersecurity technology can mitigate business risk.  The book brings together 50 leaders from the cyber security field, both from private industry and government.  An important focus of the book is centered around doing business in the Digital Age – particularly around the need to foster a mutual understanding between technical and non-technical executives when it comes to the essential issues surrounding cybersecurity.  Secure your copy and check out my chapter.   

Corporate Concinnity

Corporate Concinnity in the Boardroom: 10 Imperatives to Drive High Performing Companies Greenleaf Book Group Press (2015)

By : Nancy Falls
The book was described by NYSE Nonexecutive Chairman of the Year James Bradford as offering “...incredibly frank and insightful views into the dynamics of the boardroom and the C-suite…a must read for CEOs, chairs, and board members.”  The book’s straightforward and compelling guidance, described as “worth its weight in gold” by North Face founder and former CEO Hal Klopp, is now available to companies and boards via Cloud Concinnity, a board intelligence & management platform, that allows boards to operationalize and automate these and other best practices.

The Art Of Ma

“The Art of M&A”

By : Ken Smith

Given current market dynamics, I think M&A is a topic of interest to most boards.  McGraw Hill published my book “The Art of M&A Strategy” in 2012 (coauthored with Alexandra Reed Lajoux).  The book covers both buy side and sell side considerations with a focus on Strategy:  e.g. The different ways that M&A can create value and can accelerate strategic growth; how M&A skills can be a source of competitive advantage; the directors’ role in M&A.  It is a practical book in Q&A format.

Ba To Boardroom

“BA to Boardroom”

By : Chris Wilson

This is a book for individuals at all stages of their career who are seeking to build the skill needed to manage and lead in todays business world. The career stories and over 40 skills presented in the book are geared for young people climbing the corporate ladder and the last part of the book highlights individual skills that are critical for effective Board service.