Inclusion in the Director Database

The ACCD Director Database connects board of director candidates with companies seeking to fill open board positions. The database includes those executives who have earned Professional Director credentials. As an ACCD credentialed executive, you will be able to set up a personalized profile to highlight your unique background, skills, and executive and board experiences, as well as indicate your interest in future board openings.

ACCD certificates and professional director credential badges live directly on your profile, from which you can export them to your LinkedIn profile, include in an electronic board resume, and embed in your email signature and other online documents.  

Customizable search fields, based on location, credential level, demographic, and a set of 14 skill sets, will allow boards to identify potential director candidates for their future board openings. 

Benefits to ACCD Professional Director Credential Holders 

As a credentialed executive you have the exclusive opportunity to be included in the database, which will allow you to: 

  • Build your own unique profile to highlight your qualifications, skills and experience. 
  • Easily market your credential status to your network and potential board opportunities. 
  • Increase your visibility to new board opportunities by being part of the searchable database which will be available free of charge to boards in our Corporate Board Member and ACCD communities. 
  • Access credential badges and certificates customized to you and your level of director education, which you can then add to your board resume, LinkedIn page, etc. 

Please reach out to KP Wilkinson at with any questions!