November 01, 2022 Director Forum

Human Capital and the Board: Navigating Rising Stakeholder Expectations

11:00-3:00 PM EDT

Live, online | 4 Credits

Prepare your compensation committee for the year ahead. At the core of every modern business in these uncertain times, behind every operation and every breakthrough, is a firm’s ability to make the most of their workforce, from the C-Suite down to the front line—and every board knows it.

This Fall, Corporate Board Member will convene a special half-day forum to help you create a playbook to address the specific, focused issues surrounding the intersection of people, business strategy and governance in your boardroom. From volatile markets to rising inflation and soaring interest rates—and the potential for an ensuing economic slowdown—goal setting and resulting award payouts are more important than ever. Getting it right, while driving shareholder value, is the ballgame—especially right now.

Join your peers and subject matter experts to gain new strategies to guide your planning for 2023:

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